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509 Mangum Ave Selma AL 36701
Located in Historic Selma, AL

Originating as the meeting place between Chief Tuskaloosa and the famous explorer DeSoto, Selma evolved through American history, from a major Confederate munitions center during the Civil War, all the way up to March 7, 1965 when the now famous 'Bloody Sunday' march to the Edmund Pettus Bridge occured, and two weeks later, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began the march from the bridge to Montgomery that took 3 days and brought 25,000 people to the steps of the capitol to make a stand for their civil rights.
Fine Dining in the South..

mango-room-dish1Southern cuisine often gets lumped together as grits, cornbread and fried chicken, and to be sure, that can truly be fine dining. The chef at Tally ** takes many traditional dishes, and mixes both international and European styles to bring to you a dining experience that takes the meaning of 'fine dining' to a new plateau. Paired with an impressive, yet approachable wine list, and the Tally ** has a combination of comfort and saviore faire you'll not find anywhere else!



Dothan, AL
Very friendly and professional staff good food and service