Website:  www.lewiscrittergitter.com
1001 S Cedar Ave Demopolis AL 36732
Lewis Pest Control has provided precision pest control since 1963. We were founded by Burke and Erin Lewis and today are operating under the direction of the next generation of Lewis’s.

SCOTT LEWIS president/general manager
ALAN LEWIS vice president/Baldwin County, AL branch manager
NEIL LEWIS secretary/treasurer
We’re committed to healthy environments—at home, at work and in our surroundings. That is why our focus is on precision and integration. Our integrated approach allows us to find even the smallest problems such as moisture, drainage and pest entry points. Prevention, exclusion, non-pesticidal traps and sanitation methods allow us to use a minimum of pest treatments with greater precision. In making your decision on a pest control service provider, please consider the following reasons to retain our service:

We have experience in the pest industry. We are familiar with problems related to pest contamination, health and safety.
Our focus in on precise protection from pests. We have an outstanding safety record and are familiar with safe practices in and around your home or business.
We have the technical support to solve difficult pest problems. We have a full time Board Certified Entomologist on staff, Jack Brewer.
As you search for a pest management professional, you will see that there are many options. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you. Lewis Critter Gitter is committed to customer service and to providing the most effective and precise pest control service in the southeast.


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