3610 Springhill Memorial Dr N Mobile AL 36608
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About Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic
Our mission at AOC is to assure patients with musculoskeletal conditions that they will receive prompt, effective treatment with the best technology available in a manner that is compassionate and understanding of their needs. We are a full service orthopaedic clinic. From surgery to therapy, we have the facilities and staff to meet all of your orthopaedic needs.

AOC Departments:
Foot & Ankle
Interventional Pain Management
Joint Replacement
General Orthopedics
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Spine Care
Sports Medicine

Stephen C. Ashe, D.O.
Matthew D. Barber, M.D.
Jared L. Burkett, MD
Wayne P. Cockrell, Jr., M.D.
William A. Crotwell, III, M.D.
D. Kevin Donahoe, M.D.
Andre J. Fontana, M.D.
Michael L. Granberry, M.D.
Russell A. Hudgens, M.D.
Clayton G. Lane, M.D., M.A.
John C. McAndrew, III, M.D.
W. Christopher Patton, M.D.
Tim S. Revels, M.D.
C├ęsar M. Roca, Jr., M.D.
Roger M. Setzler, M.D.
Grant M. Shell, MD
Suanne White-Spunner, M.D.
J. Grant Zarzour, MD



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